Monday, July 19, 2010


Woke up early this morning feeling very happy and excited at the same time because I'll be going to shopping in NZ for the very first time. And guess what? I was going to shop for winter jacket, which I always fancy when I watched movies and dramas!

We actually caught a free shuttle in front of Langham Hotel to a place called Dress-smart where most of the boutique outlets are located.

Simple happinessA simple breakfast we made ourselves
Garlic bread with sausage and chicken ham
A simple happiness to make breakfast together with my loved one

Went to Dressmart for shopping after breakfast
Spot this nice coat
NZ$ 169 is the reason I put it back on rack ><

While darling tried on Hallenstein coat
Both of us didn't get any clothes back
'cause we're going to Queenstreet instead
I'm sure we can find nicer coats there*evil laugh*

Vain pic of mine @ fitting room

O.P.I nail polish!!!Spot my favourites!!!!!
OPI nail polish!!!
Wonder how much I've bought?
Stay tuned for my nail art entries =P

Japanese foods here are okay yet I miss KIRISHIMA most =(

Super steep road in AucklandI hate to walk around with boot
And I'm sure you know why based on the pic above
You'll find this kind of super steep road almost anywhere in NZ


L1nG L1nG said...

OPI OPI OPI!!! I like OPI too though my favourite is Nails Inc =D

Did you see that in NZ too?

Sharon Ng said...

Hehe, sapo I think you'd quite used to the cold weather there already, sure you'll feel extremely hot when you're back ^^

Btw, you look nice in the winter coat!!

Casley said...

Ling~ hahaha this was what in my mind when I first saw it: OPI OPI OPI!!! nails inc??? im not sure wor.. sorry.. ><

Mun~ yalor, it's so cold here.. around 11°C during the daytime and drop to 5°C at night!!! *shivering* thx thx.. love the coats here!!! xD