Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Friends Reunion

I've been waiting for this friends reunion for such a long time. It's really hard for us to arrange a time to hang out, especially Sharon who has to work and Ooi who has to study in Kampar now. We went to sing k at Neway, Timesquare.

The ladies
Ooi, Huivey, Sharon and I

We love camwhoring more than we love singing k^^

My lovely besties

Our drinks



The maggi yucks
Even I can cook better =X


Look at Shiang
He's so into sing k man
I don't care much, just focus on the camera!

Secondary besties, Juen's missing here
Too hard to ask her out, hmmph!

Well, we took it as camwhore session than sing k session
This is actually a candid pic
Sharon and I had no idea that HuiVey was taking our pic

It's too noisy inside that Shiang had to go outside the room to make call

Casley and YiMin

One microphone isn't enough for him apparently

4 of us, again

We went to Gilly Cafe 叹茶屋 for dinner. I went there once with Sharon and I'm happy that I'm going there again. I don't fancy steamboat but this restaurant is really nice. I love the soup very much!

All of us
Yeah darling joined us for dinner ^^

Thx darling who joined us straightaway after working at Shah Alam

Shiang + Hwan
My besties (well the man on the right used to be, but no longer now)
His status has been UPGRADED xD

Unable to make review since there's no pics of the foods taken. Will make one when I have the time to go there once again. Click here to see the first time I went to this restaurant that serve delicious foods yet with affordable price.

Gilly Cafe 叹茶屋

5, Jalan Manis 3,
Taman Segar,
56100 Kuala Lumpur
(near Cheras Leisure Mall)

03-9131 3772


Jac Jac said...

looking forward to meet you girls again.. <3

Casley said...

yaya, same goes to me babe.. =P

Jac Jac said...

just realize you didn't mention that this was actually few months ago.. :P

Casley said...

coz i dun reli wanna confuse the readers.. im actually updating outdated n posts.. LOL so u will find mix entries here.. ^^

Sharon Ng said...

Hehe, so miss you girls too, when will be free to come out again babes??
Hope can have juen also if can ^^

**Recalled our maggi lunch on that day, agree with you, we can even cook better than that, haha =P

Casley said...

miss u girls too.. haha i dont think she will come out lor.. so hard to call her out..

*high five* i've no idea y the maggi taste so bad.. even me, a bad cook can cook better..