Saturday, July 17, 2010

Heavenly Devonport

This is what you're going to see in this entry. Lots and lots of nice pics!!! Hope you guys enjoy it. Scroll down for more!

Devonport, AucklandView of Auckland city and Devonport from Mount Victoria

Devonport, New ZealandBut before going to hike Mount Victoria @ Devonport, we're attracted by Valentino's Gelato. I know it may sound crazy to have it during winter.

Valentino's Gelato, AucklandBut it's just way too tempting~ *drools*
We had scoops of Caramel and Vanilla which won the
Gold and Silver
medal in the NZ Ice Cream Awards
(Oh yeah, you get it right, they have ice cream award in NZ surprisingly)

Poor couple sharing one coneThe couple who suffer from proverty
Just one cone with 2 scoops will do

Casley the Evil PrincessHere's the evil princess grabbed it from her darling

Quay Street
Auckland city view with New Zealand flagSee you Auckland city!!!
The great photographer which is a 'he'
took this nice pic of the city together with the NZ flag

War @ DevonportStatue built in grateful remembrance of the men from Devonport
who cave their lives in the great war 1914-1918

Strong chill windI've tried my best to tidy up my hair in order to take a nice pic
But look, my hair was still in a mess though I'd just tidy it up a second ago
Btw, it's so cold due to the strong chill wind that I can hardly feel my(our) hands

Seagulls, DevonportYou can spot seagulls anywhere here
All fat fat one xD

Auckland city view from DevonportWe can still see Auckland city from here

Flowers by the roadside

Mount Victoria, DevonportMap of Mt Victoria

Steep hill @ DevonportDarling suggests us to take this road
I know we can get up there faster for sure
But look at it! Sooo STEEP!!! Want me die meh?

The sweet couplePic taken half way of hiking

Challenge!!!This time I'm going to challenge this not-so-steep road
Sky Tower is on my hand!!!Sky Tower is on my hand now

Mushroom + Rangitoto IslandMe sitting on the mushroom and Rangitoto Island as background
FYI it's a volcanic island

Imagine if it erupts~ Nah~
Devonport was a fort hundred years back
Guns and tunnels can be spotted

♥Heart this pic
So natural~

Darling was required to take pic for them
A New Zealander couple brought the British couple visiting around
They recommended us to pay Rangitoto Island a visit
Guess what, it's already in our list
! ^^
What are you looking at huh?The British old man is kind that he lent us his binocular

Princess Mushroom xDI love this place!!! ^^

Beautiful view at DevonportThe sky is so nice
The clouds are so low that it seems that I can touch it

Enjoy to max!!!Can't help myself laying on the greenish grass
Enjoying a lot

Doesn't look like darl at all ><

Devonport melts my heart!!!We have company~ seagull~
Want to have a peep at what I'm looking at?

Heavenly DevonportTa-da!!!
Isn't it nice?!!

Oh wait.. Why is darling running?

Where is he running to?

Commit suicide? O.o *choi*

King of the World"I'm the King of the World" =P

Us at DevonportThe British old man took pic for us in return

Freezing cold

Princess @ DevonportHer version

Prince @ DevonportHis version

Doing exercise with the mushroom LOL~

Badgers Badgers Badgers at Devonport!!!Mushrooms anyone? Or have you heard of the Badgers song?
Feel free to have a look at this song

Everyone wonders why it hits 4million views~

This is where Vim, one of Darl's best friend in NZ
who was forced by Darl and Allan to take this super steep path to the top

He get frustrated eventually LOL

Love shadowOur love shadow

Our love that shines with natural sun beamAnd this will conclude the trip for the day
♥ Our LOVE that shines
Love this pic to maxxx!!!
(Note: the sky and sun beam are natural, not edited at all!!!)


Stephanie said...

I love your pics so much. all are very nice and the last is my fav of all. btw, are u there for study?

L1nG L1nG said...

Love this post very much!!! Very nice and sweet =)

Casley said...

Steph~ thx.. yeah we got most compliments from the last pic as well.. im there to travel actually..

Ling~ thx sweetie.. too many pics.. take a long time to upload.. LOL..

Patricia said...

aww it's so beautiful! nice nice pictures (:

Sandra - If it comes in pink said...


Casley said...

Patricia n Sandra~ Thx very much!! hope u guys enjoy it.. n stay tuned for more.. ^^

Doreen said...

Awesome blog you have got there (: And thanks for the comment in my blog. I know she aren't worth it (: Anyway, last long with your boyfriend <3

Mei Quin said...

tzi qing, love your last pic!!! so nice :)

Casley said...

Doreen~ thx for the compliment.. haha yeah not worth it.. hope this longggg distance relationship will last longggg.. LOL~

Mei Quin~ its tze ching actually hehe.. u're the junior from ubs right? lenglui liao.. ^^

Anonymous said...

both of u r so sweet! i watch this video before. i think it's lame but no clue y its so popular.

Casley said...

Anonymous~ yeah it was a total SWEAT for me when i first saw this video.. find it funny sometimes though.. ><

Ting said...

wahhhhhh...... nice entry!! its so nice there!! the love really shines!! <3

Kim said...

wah dear! u've been to devonport too! You forgot to bring your kite there (to the mushroom place). It has strong wind! good for kiting! how long u've been there (Auckld)? wah! go honeymoon ar? LOLs.
GLad you enjoy your trip! NZ really nice place. you dont need a high resolution camera to take clear, pretty pics!

Casley said...

Ting~ yeah indeed its so nice there that the nice scenery can melt u eventhough its so cold there.. =P

Kimkim~ LOL.. u read my blog!!! hahaha.. yeah i shud have to, but i have no idea.. i think the string will even break since the wind is so strong.. im juz here for one n a half month, juz for travel.. hehe im sure u know NZ better than me.. i shud've ask u what nice place to go.. xD

Hwan said...

Hi Kim, u r darn right. I can give a person the best n most sophisticated camera in the world. but without the skill n technique, he/she will just produce crap out of it. In turn, with the ability to take the angle and a perspective mind, a crappy camera can produce wonderful picture.

Rolling Fumbling Thug said...

:) Love all the pictures. Especially the mushrooms, lol! So cute!

Casley said...

Darling~ LOL.. my crappy camera can produce wonderful pictures.. hahaha~ im a pro photographer!!! ---> crazy ady.. ><

Rolling Fumbling Thug~ thx sweetie.. haha the mushrooms are really cute, melt my heart.. ^^

Hwan said...

not u. it's me.

Mei Quin said...

yea, is me is me! i thought you cant remember me! nola, still senior is the most leng lui ;)

Casley said...

darling~ cheh.. i also got take some pics.. hehe~ ^^

Mei Quin~ of coz i rmb u!! nolor, im not lenglui, i got many scars on my face due to pimples, if u can spot them in the pics.. hope i can get rid of them soon.. =(