Friday, June 25, 2010

Here I Come!!!

Wheeeeeeeeeee~ I'm here!!! I'm here!!! Finally!!! In Auckland to meet up darling after 4 months of separation!!! Well I know, some of you guys must have thought cheh, 4 months only what. But our merely 4 months seem to be even longer than a year! I must admit it's not easy to maintain a long distance relationship.

Luckily the weather of the day I arrived was superb

Here we arrived to our hotel
Nah, it's darling's home

It's very nice that I thought it's a hotel

I feel kinda cold since it's winter now
So darling made me my favourite mushroom soup

I must say that the campbell mushroom soup in NZ
is totally different compared to M'sia!

Of course M'sia has the nicer smell, but I guess it's due to overdue MSG ><

Nice to have hot stuff when you're in cold

View from our unit
See, the weather is nice!

Darling said it has been raining these few days before I arrived
Lucky me

Captured inside the elevator
Too bright, like ghosts

We're going out for dinner since
we're pretty tired to prepare dinner by ourselves

We had Korean foods!!!
I've always heard the foods here were nice when I skype with him
Finally I have the chance to taste it myself, slurp!

Most of the customers here are Korean

Too much for 2 person? Real huge portion!
Nah, we went for dinner with darl's friends, Allan and Vim

Didn't take their pics since you know, guys don't really fancy taking photo

*I assume*

We had chicken and pork BBQ
We ordered one set for each person

It's affordable, $12 (around RM 28) for one set
which comes with side dishes as well

There are FREE sweets at the counter
"Maximum 2" as written on the heart shaped note

But the guys said: 2 is never enough

How greedy LOL!!!

We went for a walk at Queens Street
No pics were taken since we're just too busy holding hands and chit chat

This is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more. You don't wanna miss it! ^^
Blogger signing out for now. Nitez peeps!


L1nG L1nG said...

I totally agree to what you said in the first paragraph. I am having a long distance relationship with my bf and trust me, I know how you feel =(

But you are much more lucky than me because you managed to see him after four months but I can only meet my bf twice a year! How pathetic?

Anyway, nice pics and have a great holiday with Hwan =)

Jac Jac said...

don't forget my souvenir.. :P
miss ya.. ;)

Casley said...

ling, yeah its not easy at all!!! the problem is, i gotta see him now, its great.. but i can only meet him after two years from now.. thats BAD!!! hehe, i'll definitely take tonnes of pics to share with u guys here.. whee~

Jac, missing u too.. haha how u know i've bought the souvenirs? i wont forget for sure, juz need a meet up with u guys when i'm back.. =P

Sharon Ng said...

Hehe, don't forget about my part too!! *I know you won't =p

Why only can meet him 2 years from now??

Nice photos babe ^^