Sunday, June 20, 2010

So Long~

Where are we?

Yeah that's right!
That's me, checking in =P
Going to say bye bye to M'sia ^^

Me and mummy
She's very worried

Together with Aunt Belinda and Uncle Patrick

So happy to go abroad ALONE!!!
You know I love adventures
very much
I'm always looking forward to backpack when I have the money

And also the approval from family, which is the toughest one to be obtained.

Saying goodbye to my family
Btw, where are they? *Doink doink*

Can you spot 4 lil figures near the word goodbye? ^^

Love Harrods

Especially the bears

Aww look!
Casual wants to join them

But too bad, they are of different standard LOL!

Met SinYee, aunt's friend who's working here

She brought me to a liquor store

This is claimed to be the most expensive liquor here, Rm 35000!

My breakfast on the plane
Forgot to snap my dinner that I had earlier

Both are so so, since I don't have much appetite

Had really bad sleep on plane =(

Going toilet is the only reason I get to walk around
I'm bored to death in this 10 hours sitting there till my butt ache!

Casual's first time going oversea
"See, your new owner (that's me) treat you so good

Bring you here and there, way better than your previous owner LOL!"

Pic was taken when my 'neighbour' went to toilet
I would like to sit beside the window

But everyone's advicing me to get an aisle seat ><

Upset that our sights were blocked by the plane wing grrr~

Casual can't wait to see his previous owner

I'm almost there *excited*
Stay tuned guys!


wen said...

ah you're goin NZ huh? Take care and have tons of fun!! =)

L1nG L1nG said...

Have a GREAT trip!!! Enjoy yourselves =)

Sharon Ng said...

Enjoy your trip oh!!
Feel so envy... haha joking la, I miss travelling!!

Casley said...

Wen, yeah indeed.. im going there.. thx very much, i'll have fun to max!!! ^^

Ling, thx a lot.. i'll try my best to enjoy myself n not to spend too much meanwhile.. hahaha gotta look properly at the hole in my pocket..

Sharon, thx my dear.. dun envy, u can find austin too.. u have more $ than me.. LOL!!! good luck to our long distance relationship..

Sharon Ng said...

Hey dear, i just notice that u take off braces already???