Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Spendthrift Day @ Queen Street

Almost sunrise~
Fall in love with this city ♥

What a lovely day today. We went for a shopping spree since we can't get anything from Dress-smart that day.

Morning view

A guy from Elvis's era suddenly popped out and asked darling to take pic for him

I like the trees
Darling said it would be nicer during autumn

Max~ this is the shop I love to maxxx!
Favourite of all along Queenstreet

I like the layout of the shops very much
Look at the super high red curtain far away

That's the fitting room, super spacious fitting room

*Sorry for my ugly ghostly look*
First word that came from my mouth when I first wore this coat

"Wow.........", the lining inside is very nice and very comfortable
Much more comfortable than the one I wore in Dress-smart
So.... I'm going to take this home!!! Whee~

Another coat I spotted
It's a new arrival and costs NZ$ 249, so pricey
Well almost all coats here are in this price
One is enough for me, I'm broke broke broke!!! =(

Darling said that for once in his life he felt like a rich man
footing a bill with credit card in such poshy boutique

And then we went to Valley Girls
Spotted a nice white coat
Darling was very upset since he can't find any nice coat for himself
But me, just came here for less than a week and have already bought 4 nice coats in a day!!!
Another 2 was bought at Glassons, no pics taken though

Went to Gucci and LV as well
I must say that unlike in M'sia, you can always find bunch of rich people shopping there
Of course, we bought nothing
I would rather save the money from a LV bag for more adventurous trip ^^

We had Mrs. Higgins after shopping
It's very popular along Queenstreet and the customers never end
Notice that darling was carrying all my newly bought jackets
For once, I feel like a filthy rich lady

Yummy droolicious cookies for only NZ$ 1.70 each!!
We've bought the most famous White Chocolate Macadamia Nut and Double Chocolate Chip

It tastes so nice!!! =P

Total burn of day: NZ$ .......
More than the money I can spend for shopping whole year in Malaysia

No figures shown here in case my family visit my blog ><
I'm actually a frugal person, just that I couldn't resist seeing those nice coats!!!


Sharon Ng said...

Hehe, you sure burned a big big hole in your pocket babe, I missed travelling so much after visiting yous blog each time ^^

Love your white coat very much =)

Casley said...

Haha yeah a big big hole in both mine n hwan's pockets.. u sure can, since u earn so much.. hehe u can buy more, eat better n sleep better..

thx thx.. i love it very much too.. hwan spotted it first n insist want to buy it.. =P

L1nG L1nG said...

Nice post and I like the coats very much, especially the white one. You look very elegant in it ^^

Casley said...

thx sweetie.. haha everyone likes the white more.. but i din bring them back.. =(

L1nG L1nG said...

The white coat looks more special than the black.. Furthermore, you are very fair so you look like a "snow white" in the white coat!!! Hahahaaha..

Louis Vuitton!!!!!!!!! It does remind me something we talked before =P

*evil laugh*

Casley said...

yeah i think the white one looks more elegant n special.. u're fairer than me.. u're the snow white.. =P

yayaya.. u still rmb.. i never forget that part.. both of us are crazy.. chat till so high.. LOL!!!! who know we might have the chance to do it one day.. LOL!!!