Friday, June 24, 2011

Tree Adventure (Auckland, NZ)

Whoohoo~ This activity that we're going to do is going to be extremely fun and exciting!! It requires lotsa strength, energy, determination you name it. Am going to swing like a tarzan!! Alright, I'm going nuts since this is my very first time doing this. I've been craving for this in Malaysia and now, I have the chance to try in New Zealand. Awesome!!

Andy and Casley at Tree Adventure, AucklandIt's freezing cold since it's winter now
But surely we will get our bodies warmed up later
due to sweat blood over this adventure
Wearing unwanted cloth in dark colour as I worried that they will get stained ><

Tree Adventure logo
Here we are at Tree Adventure! Whee~

With the girls~ (Jiehuei, Nathalie and I)

The guys (Some are missing in this pic)

Me taking with darling's buddies, Vim and Allan

We did some basic practices before going higher on the trees

And a super low and short flying fox

Our first mission
Not too hard, just need to focus in your balancing

Looks easy but in fact not that easy to walk on that webby rope
My small feet could just penetrate through the rope and stuck in there easily

This is hard especially when the trunks keep shaking even though
you have try your best to stand steadily on it

This is pretty easy as the woods are tied tightly
Making it easy to walk on

Again, doing this.... I've change the way of doing this
They said it's easier for you to walk sideway like a crab for this
And yeah, you can say so ^^

Naughty darling was shaking the wooden bridge hard
Making Vim shouting all the way through the imbalance path

I'm having difficulty on climbing the webby rope
I'm exhausted after doing the previous courses and
my hands are painful grabbing tight on the rope to pull myself up

Darling challenged for self balancing, not bad huh

I find this hard to even walk on it and darling let go his hands when walking on it
Definitely a thumb up for this

Back to the ground after flying fox

And get up on higher level for next course
Arh, I'm born to love this kind of adventurous activity

Say hi to pretty Jiehuei

It's highhhhhhh

I dare not let go my hands
The woods just keep shaking!! Also, it's hard to step on another block of wood
Is it the distance or my short leg??? Grr~

Allan and Vim's attempts for flying fox
Okay, let's get ready for course 7

Last mission, U rope
This is damn hard (it looks super easy though)
You'll find out till you try it

I feel so relief after that
I'm very very exhausted
Feel no more strength in me and pain in my arms for using too much strength
My palm are red for grabbing too hard on the rope yet I enjoyed myself so much! xD

People find this one of the hardest obstacle (as you can see from above, LOL)
but surprisingly everyone is amazed that I can go through it smoothly
Proud of myself *evil laugh* xD

I'm glad that we all make it thorugh the entire 8 courses, YESSS!!!


sweet_cherry said...

wow, ching..i like dis of the camp i went months ago oso gt obstacles like tat 1 the height lower lahh..n i mis flying fox alot especialy posing while u flying fox-ing..haha..btw,u r so geng..i oso fel the hardest obstacles u mention above vr's vr similar the 1 i play b4(bt is wif tyre) i'm nt surprise tat u cn go thru it smoothly..coz i rmb laz time when u go 4 the wall-climbing at genting,u can go 4 quite high level..while i try it in malacca, is abit hard for me..haha =P

sweet_cherry said...

btw, is quite hard 2 find gals tat like adventure game like dis..happy..giv me five!!

Jac Jac a.k.a Ms Jacqueen said...

wow this is so cool babe~!!!

thomas said...

wow! Everything is high up,seems interesting,i thought we have something similar at Bkt Cerakah.

Mr Lonely said...

wah... new zealand.. wish one day i can go.. T.T

Casley said...

Theng~ *high five* love this kind of extreme challenge ot the max.. we should go together next time!!! n take lotsa pics!!! haha surprised that u still rmb that time.. geram lah, that time my leg is not long enough to reach the other side, n i was like hanging there for a minute which seem to be ages, but evntually i had to let go due to tiredness.. xD

Casley said...

Jac~ yeap its cool n fun babe!! =)

Thomas~ where's bukit cerakah? i know there's one in shah alam, SKYTREX.. have been there before.. kinda fun too! ^^

MrLonely~ haha sure!! hope u can come one day.. there are lotsa adventurous challenges here!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice post! Would be best if you can add some info about it!

domokun said...

weiii this is cool>< damn cool>< yerr duno m'sia gt something liddis anot>< haha my balancing sucks>< sure fall one me XP

Ruiting said...

really cool! I love NZ's scenery too, all the greens make me happy! haha.

shii teck said...

Since like u had a lot of fun in NZ now! coool~ Update ur blog more often pls. ;p

thomas said...

Skytrex is in Bukit Cerakah,Tmn Pertanian M'sia.

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

wow!! nice adventure~

*JacQueliNe* said...

My goodness!! Im damn scare of those activities! It test my braveness.. ><'' U're awesome!