Friday, June 11, 2010

Tx 7 ~Hello and Good Bye~

You must be wondering why is title so contradicting. All I can tell is it's definitely not a good thing to be written here. I wish I never have this chance to write this entry. Let's look at the Sony Tx7 my family have bought in January. I still remember this is the very first time I've ever own some eolectronic so up to date. Sony centre didn't even have the brochures when we bought it. The salesman told us it's just the 5th day Tx7 on market.

This is my first ever digicam
Feel so excited and proud to have it

Finally I can say goodbye to my mobile 3.2 megapixel camera

Mel was testing on it the first day we brought it back home

The worst has came. We now have the accessories (charger, adapters etc) in PAIR but not the digicam! Get what I mean now? Yes! It was stolen! !@#$%^&* Sad to say, Mel lose it in the office. I was so dissapointed as I have so many pics inside there which were taken in the branded warehouse, snowflakes in Subang etc in the past few months. I was sooooooo regret that I didn't copy the pics from the digicam. It's the loss of those pics that actually cause my sadness. It's simply because I can get a new digicam but I won't get the pics back right?

Casual looks so good beside the GONE Tx7
Sigh, tell me how I can retrieve it back?

Dang you thief!!!

Casual acting cool

Well, the BEST came this time. I know this isn't appropriate to say BEST since this isn't good at all. I would rather I never have this BEST. Okay, what happened was my sis went to buy another, ANOTHER Tx7 right on the next day it was stolen! She feels so bad and guilty that she rushed to buy another one. Sigh, I feel very bad as well but there's nothing we can do.

So now, tell me....
What should I do with all these accesories (charger, adpaters) that are in PAIR now?

PS: Bye bye to my first digicam. Feel so bad to lose you after merely four months. *Cursing the thief* Grrrrrrrr~


L1nG L1nG said...

Argh.. Sorry to hear that =(

Sharon Ng said...

Ish, bad thief!!
Sorry to hear that and hope you are feeling better..

Casley said...

Ling and Sharon~ very sad lor.. dunno who stole it.. got so many pics inside it somemore.. feel so helpless..