Saturday, February 13, 2010

*Update* Sepang Goldcoast CNY

It's Chinese New Year Eve, I've spent this special day with darling and his family. I had reunion dinner with his BIG family at Sepang. It's the 1st time I had reunion dinner with other family.

Don't miss out Sepang Gold Coast if you happen to come this area
It's very nice

Me and his family

Me and Hwan at the beach side

What am I doing over there?

Hehe I bet you can guess it well

♥ Love ♥ TTH for him and KTC for her

Grace, Michelle, Alvin and Andy Darling has the nicest pose LOL!!!

Look at how tall we are
Can you recognise us by looking at our shadows?

I was told that this shalet costs a million riggit
Is this true?

This time, our LOVE shadow
Thanks to Twilight Mode by TX7 for the bright and nice pics

It's very dark over there actually

I love the path leading to the beach

We saw awesome fireworks when we're back to darling's house in KL

Take 2

Beautiful fireworks, take 3

Take 4~ coming to an end

Found this cute lil hat at his house

So.... it's me being a poseur here with that hat =P

The end of one happy day...


L1nG L1nG said...

You look so pretty in all these pics ^^ I love all of them =)

Woman in love always look pretty I presumed, wakakakak =P

Casley said...

thx thx!!! so do i.. haha its because they feel the happiness and welfare that make them look prettier? not sure, but i heard it from drama.. LOL~

L1nG L1nG said...

I am sure it is true because you have already proved it =)

Waiting for your coming posts, ngek ngek ngek XD