Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Day

A late update about my Valentine's Day this year. *I know I'm the worst blogger ever for being so irresponsible, sorry!!! Am trying my best to update everything* Since I'm rushing for the latest updates, I will just let the pics do the saying alright? Enjoy the pics! ^^

@ Nando's, Sunway Pyramid
We're back at the place we had our first date ^^

Me on a white dress and my favourite Guess handbag
Bought it for years but I'm still loving it!

♥ My valentine ♥

Here's my Valentine's present for Darling
I grabbed it when I found out that he's intended to have a peek on it!

Owh man, he can pose better!

We were waiting too long at Nando's
I started to feel impatient

We switched to Hot Piper after get annoyed by the waitress there
She was very rude and I think she didn't welcome us at all!! Grr~

But a thumb up to Hot Piper, very good service
I love waitor that is AT LEAST polite and smile to customers

Nasi Lemak for him

Spagetthi for her
It's nice, yum yum~

Indulging the spagetthi

We took sticker photos as memory

Darling the BIG thief
The background was so dark as the shops were all closed by that time

Where is this?

Camwhore in the car

Darling never afraid of looking at the digicam
while driving down the spiral parking pathway SWT

Camwhore couple

Darling was surprised to see the chocolates
He didn't believe that I made the heart shaped choc by myself

Well, I have to say you gotta believe it

Customised mini photo for both of us
Specially made for him to bring back to NZ
so he can remember me always

Yes! Can you spot the Chocolate + Almonds cookies in the cute packages?
Feel so proud as the baker

The cookies taste really nice, no kidding

Daddy loves it very much xD

Us posing with the pressies

It's a very busy morning for me to bake all these
Anyway, my effort was fully paid off when I see darling being so happy

I seldom bake frankly but I'm very pleased to be
able to bake these nice cookies successfully

Hey you know, without any guidance!
None of my family lend a hand, feel proud *syok sendiri*

Hmm okay, I learn from the baking book LOL~

Darling didn't manage to get me Valentine's pressie
He's up to something BIG *can't wait for it*

He just don't have enough time to finish it since he gotta work

These might not be something very expensive
They might be valueless to you, but they're definitely PRICELESS
for us
All made by 100% LOVE + SINCERITY

Happy Valentine's Day to my darling! Love ya! Muacks! ♥


L1nG L1nG said...

What a sweet couple! I am so happy for you both and everytime I read your post, I can feel your happiness from the bottom of my heart =)

You look like a princess in the pure white dress!!! Sooooo pretty ^^

Limberella said...

you're such a thoughtful girlfriend..visiting=).

Casley said...

Ling, thx very much.. i hope my readers can feel the happiness too.. that dress belongs to my sis actually.. I just grabbed it from her temporary, LOL!!

Limberella, thx very much for the compliment.. doing my best.. ^^