Thursday, July 29, 2010

One Tree Hill

Oh yeah I went to One Tree Hill. Well, what's the first thing that came to your mind when you heard of it? For me, it's definitely going to be one of my favourite tv series~ One Tree Hill!! Yeah exactly the same spelling. But this had nothing to do with this tv series. =P

I had a great day today. I did a lot of exercise, hmm why do I said so? I've walked more than 10km. Oh yeah, it's almost an mission impossible for some coach potato like me. I still remember how I used to do Joghaton till I feel so dizzy that I actually got up onto the ambulance to rest. LOL that's the outcome if you jog with an empty stomach for such a long distance.

Venue: One Tree Hill, Auckland
People: Casley, Andy, Allan, Vim

Allan's playing game while waiting for shuttle
He got his iphone a mirror screen protector that
I've no clue what he's playing though he's sitting just right beside me

By the way, let's see why Aucklander don't usually use an umbrella even though it's raining
See how the umbrella spoiled? And now you know how STRONG is the wind here

Have a look at the video
and you'll get what I mean

Passed by a garden before went One Tree Hill
It's so green everywhere
Feel so peace

Statue of John Logan Campbell
He donated Cornwall Park to the New Zealander
He was described by his contemporaries as "the father of Auckland"

Rainbow spotted!!!
I was always fascinated to see rainbow

Feel like rolling on the green green grass

Okay, ignore me, just look at the flowers
I know I've somehow spoiled the pic ><

Super duper tall and thin dry trees arrange in rows beside the pathway
It's so magnificient, isn't it?

Owh~ I'm surprised to see these trees here!!!
It's almost dried up =(

Yes, it's cherry blossom (sakura)
I'm sure it looks 100x nicer than now during spring
Too bad I don't have the chance to see the sakura blooms =(

Yet I'm still so excited to be here
All your sorrow and stress will fade away automatically
How good if we have this kind of place in KL?
I will jog there everyday after school ^^

Here we go, start our 'journey'
Allan and darling, as usual, picked the road-not-taken
They're so adventurous that they always challenge for the hard way
Mind you, it's really steep! Steeper than Mt. Victoria @ Devonport

On the other side, AS USUAL again, Vim prefered the proper path to get up there
Anyway, Vim got no choice but to take the road-not-taken
simply because I wanted to join the challenge with darling and Allan! xD

Silhouette pic of me taken mid way up to One Tree Hill
Never forget to mention, there are tonnes and tonnes of sheep's poo here....
Every 2 steps you'll find a sheep's poo
Anyway nice pic is everything for me, I can't bother so much ^^

The guardian of the world

We're almost there, finally!!! Phew~
Now you know how steep it is eh?
Haha Vim was complaining all the way behind there xD

All complains and exhaustion are gone at the moment you look at this

Of course, the most important thing is to take picture with the famous obelisk
Hmm it's actually the grave of Sir John logan Campbell
Well it's very common for people to visit graveyard here, it's hot spot in other words
You can see people sitting and chatting in the graveyard, SERIOUSLY
There are lotsa benches there make it looks more like a garden
But of course, don't imagine their graveyard like our Chinese graveyard *spooky*

The besties
The gays
The ".A" team -- *Dot.A*

I like this pic very much
How about you?
It's so candid, credit given to darling

We're trying to get the same effect by asking Vim to help us
But I still prefer the pic above taken by darling
Never mind, we suddenly thought of another pose
Creative and nice pose I must say








One tree hill New Zealand♥ Picture of the Day ♥
Nice huh? I love it so much!!!
Special thanks to the pro photographer: me!!! LOL!!!

Me, imitating darling's pose
Okay, I admit he posed better ><

Allan's version
You have no idea how hard it was to pose on that small piece of rock
The wind was extremely strong that once we step on the rock,
we lose our balance and fell down
So so hard to take a nice pic
Conclusion: claps for the photographer lah!!! xD

Vim wanted to act cool with his water bottle
but naughty darling had spoiled it

Ignore my crazy look

The sun is going to set
And it's just 1630
FYI the whole Auckland goes into darkness right after around 1730
Now I understand why the shops here close so early

We spotted this writing arranged with i-dunno-what
It's big as I know, look at the trees at below, so tiny

Can you guess what are those small white spots here?
Those are sheeps!!! Mehhhhhhhh~

Back down to the 'ground'
Before I forgot, One Tree Hill is actually a VOLCANIC PEAK!!!

♥ The Sweet Couple ♥

After a super tiring day, we went to a nearby Malaysian restaurant. Yeah, I miss Malaysian foods a lot. Frankly, the food in NZ is a big NO NO for me, mainly because of the foods are uber pricey (average RM31 per (ordinary) meal) and not as delicious as Malaysia's.

We had toufu....

.....and chicken rendang Whoooo~
A simple dish is definitely a delicacy for 4 of us

Went for pool before heading home
One word for now: EXHAUSTED!!!!!!!!!!

Half dead blogger signing out
Nites peep!!! Muacks!!!


Punk Chopsticks said...

OMG I absolutely LOVEEEE your pictures!!!

Hahah it looks like they just came out of a magazine XD

Casley said...

Hey punk chopsticks, what an unique name..

thx very much!!! haha so happy for ur compliment.. quality might not as good as dslr, but im very satisfied with it.. =P