Sunday, October 10, 2010

Twinkle twinkle little star (Waitomo cave night absseiling)

Hellooooooo guys!!!! Haha I'm not sure how many of you guys are reading this post, since I haven't been blogging after I come back to Malaysia. Many of my friends, even darling as well, complaining that everytime they drop by here, it's the same old post.

Sorry guys, it's so hard to spend some time even to online. Listen to my excuse, I'm sure you'll understand me LOL. I have to attend lectures during weekdays (8-6pm) and work during weekends. SOMEMORE, I travel to IMU from Setapak every single day!!! Know how pathetic I am now?

Driving out of AucklandOkay, cut the crap.. Let's see where we're heading to..
We're actually going outta Auckland!!! Whee~

n the way to Waitomo Glow worm caveCar for sale!!!
The car in front of us worth only RM2295!!!
Okay, lameeeeee I knowwwww

Highway dark cloudOh no, looks like it's going to rain T T
It will ruin our plan!!!

Rainbow over the dark cloudAnyway, my mood turned great when I saw rainbow
I manage to see rainbow very frequently in NZ
Love rainbow to max

Explosion pattern-like cloudCan you spot the cloud above the van?
Looks like valcano eruption or bomb attack

New Zealand beautiful highway green mountainThe weather turned better!! Booyah~

Welcome to Otorohanga- highway New ZealandOne thing I must share here is the principle of New Zealander
Whenever there's a sign of slowing down or change of speed,
they REALLY slowed the car to below 50!!!
So, whenever we start to complain how slow the car in front of us go,
we'll realise that we actually missed out the sign board on the road side
If Malaysian ar.....

Rainbow at Waitomo Glow worm CaveAnother rainbow spotted when we arrived 'there'
How lucky!!

Museum at Waitomo Glow worm CaveHmm we're not here to see bats ><

Watching video in Waitomo museumWe're here to see this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Any clue about this?

Waitomo cave 3D map structureWai (water) tomo (cave) as shown in this 3D map
They made the map in a board structure

The place we're here is consist of several(I forgot how many) layers

Prepare for abseiling at Waitomo Glow Wrom CaveLook like baby

Suit and equipment for abseiling at Waitomo Glow Worm caveGuess you know what we're going to do after
looking at my suit and the equipments

Abseiling at Waitomo Glow Worm cave during dawn eveningCarefully walking down to the abseilling place

Instructor for abseiling at Waitomo Glow Worm CaveYes, we're here to ABSEIL!!!!
Btw, this is Robin, our guide for today~

High ground to abseil at Waitomo Glow Worm CaveLook at this, you can't even see the ground man!!!

Day and Night abseiling at Waitomo Glow Worm CaveI'm not afraid of height actually
But I freak out when asked to put my butt on the pole!!!
Imagine the pole is quite a distance from the place you stand
and it's above of 325476347623956 feets
I'm so scare of falling down from so high though there's safety rope
Try once and you'll get what I mean

Best abseiling location in the worldIt's kinda tough at the beginning since I never abseil before
But as long as we listen to the guidance of Robin, everything is fine

Glow worm chain spotted in Waitomo Glow Worm Cave, Photography is allowedSaw some glow worm nest dangling on the rock

Best abseiling location in New ZealandReached the bottom finally
Feel so content after the first mission

Couple abseilingDarling enjoyed it very much too!!!

No more fear for abseiling, conquer the fear of heightOwh I'm on the pole again at no time, amazing
Fear no more this time
Nah, we're actually going to do abseiling twice
I request to do it once before sun set and one after sun set
You'll know why........

Adventure freak lover for abseiling♥ Adventure-freak couple ♥
Getting more relax now

and having real fun without fear!!!!

Dark night abseiling in New Zealand CaveSee how dark it is without flash
We're abseiling at night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yee-har~
Our only light source is the mini torchlight on our helmets

Raining during night abseilingDizzling at the time we abseil down to the cave
Those small dots here are the rain drops
It's cold since it's raining in winter

Glow worm @ Waitomo Cave NZ, Most beautiful glow worm cave in the worldTa-daa!!!! This is the main reason why we're here and why we abseil at night
Isn't it niceeeeee?????
This light is caused by the glow worms

Glow worms in Waitomo New Zealand~ Twinkle like stars! Amazing!!!The light is to attract insects such as fly and trap them!!!
It's nicer than the stars in the sky!!

Glow-worm wonder, Waitomo cave New zealandPics taken from online randomly

Waitomo Glowworm Caves boat riding packageThere's a few options actually to see glow worms
Here's one where you just sit on the boat which floats on the river
at the another layer of cave
and enjoy the sight

Glow worm silk threads on the wall, Waitomo Glow Worm CaveNetwork of silk threads

Glow worm Waitomo Cave abseiling in New Zealand, glow in the dark. I was totally amazed by millions and millions of glow worms
Imagine you're hanging in between the rocks and enjoying the sight
I feel like as though I'm in heaven!!!!
I can hang half way in between and fall asleep!!

Casley @ Waitomo Glow Worm Cave New ZealandFeel so reluctant to get up here =(
But a big big thanks to Robin, our guide (and photographer LOL)
He's very friendly and nice

So called Heaven at Waitomo Glow worm caveExit to the cave
You'll never know there's a heaven I called down there

Cave World, Waitomo Glow Worm Cave abseiling reviewCave world, highly recommended
For those who are interested, remember to show your student id
Cheaper price for students, NZD $ 144 per pax *$175 for adult*
(I know it's damn pricey, but you'll know it worth the moeny when you experience it for yourself)

YHA Waitomo Glow worm cave accomodation backpacker hostelWell, let's a move and have a look at our accomodation tonight
YHA Backpacker Hostel, Waitomo
Feel excited to stay here as a backpacker!!!
My dream is to be backpacker and travel around the world!!!! Yay!!!

YHA Waitomo innerDining place

Internet service access in YHA WaitomoInternet service
You have to pay for it though

Kitchen at YHA WaitomoHuge kitchen with almost everything provided
Fridge, oven, cutlery to baking mould
Haha no time to bake lah

Our outfits are so match with our towels so coincidently!!

You'll have no idea how hard I beg darling to let me buy instant noodle
I dunno why, he just don't let me buy
but.... hehe I managed to persuade him saying we'll be too tired to make dinner

I like the way we did adventure,
back home at chalet,
had instant noodle while watching movie
Simple but feels so great!!!
Owh btw, we're watching Slumdog Millionaire
Now I know how poor and scary is India(some part of it) ><

Hada Labo in New ZealandHada labo is the best companion since it's very low humidity in NZ

Had soooo much fun in the adventure we did. Seriously hope that we can have chance to come to Waitomo cave again in the future. Of course, we'll explore the cave and view glow worm in another way........... That's BLACK WATER RAFTING!!!!!!!!! ARghhh.. It's definitely in my wishlist. FYI, it's too cold(since it's winter) that the water temperature drops so low that I have no choice but to choose abseiling instead of black water rafting. Anyway, abseiling is amazing!!! Love it!!!