Thursday, January 6, 2011

♫♪ Merry Christmas Happy Holiday ♫♪

Am always humming this song so often lately. Darling and I both have this habit ever since we watched Alvin and the chipmunk. LOL yeah we do hum in chipmunk version. xD

HereWent to Singapore for X'mas celebration with darling and his family
My second time(first time was in last year) celebrating X'mas in S'pore

Princess Casley wishing you a Merry ChristmasMerry Christmas everyone!!!
What a late wish as everyone's blogging about new year

Pu Tien Restaurant 莆田菜馆 (Kitchener Road)Had dinner @ Putien, a great chinese restaurant
Waited for around half an hour even though we've booked earlier
Business is too good I have to say
especially at this time

Pu Tien Restaurant, SingaporeI firstly thought that the drink is going to spill out
but it's the design of the glass that renders my confusion

Sweet sweet dentist coupleDarling's cousin and her hubby, the dentist couple
The way they ordered the meals
was so funny
They literally pick the dishes while scanning through the menu

They don't even bother to count how many dishes they've ordered

Ended up 12 dishes for 7 persons!!! LOL~

The pretties hehe~With Evon(Alvin's fiancee) and Michelle(darling's lil sis)

Countdown at Orchard road, Singapore 2010Same as last year, we went to Orchard Road for countdown
It's so happening, full of hullabaloo!!!

Happening @ Orchard Road, Singapore *Duck and Hippo*Fun to see those people waving,
blowing whistle and screaming happily on the open-top double decker

Adding to the already uproarious atmosphere

Christmas countdown at Orchard Road 2010This is very candid as Alvin is intended to take pic of the couple
there comes 3 photobombs that render the coulpe to split
immediately so that we could fit inside!!
Nice to know darling's relatives from S'pore
btw, it's such a blast

Princess Casley =P
Her version

Prince Andy =PHis version

ipad ipad ipadNote that the focus point here isn't Michelle but the guy behind there
We're kinda surprised to see him squat down talking to a huge mobile
which we later discovered it is ipad
iphone 4 is so common that it becomes their national phone
iphone's everywhere!!! Even uncle also carry iphone 4

Nice decoration at Orchard RoadIt's so crowded alonggg the longggg Orchard Road
Even more than Sungei Wang swt

Snow spray @ countdown, Orchard RoadSnow spray, a tradition for the youngsters
Yeah when I said young ones here, I consider myself
too old for all these
Once I got sprayed for the first time (few years back)

I seemed like having slight phobia towards the spray

The spray just STINKS!!!
Gah~ Stay away from me~

Christmas tree for charityWe bought some mini X'mas hats
If you look carefully in the pic, you may spot some people

arrange the mini hats in a way that looks like the cockatoo

Btw, main point is: Adopt a hat for chairty here??

Hmm sorry to say this but I doubt it~

Nice purple christmas treeSpot this spectacular huge christmas tree
It looks so nice in purple

There's a long queue surrounding the x'mas tree btw

Purple tree in SingaporeThey're queuing to go inside the christmas tree
Of course, we don't wanna miss this
My mood spoiled to see quite a few people jumping queue grrr~

Image of the top when we look upwards
It was magnificient to see it from inside

We're inside the christmas tree!!We love this pic so muchie
Funny to see lotsa people were later all having
the same way
of taking pic after we took this pic ^^

Neon lighted decoration instruments at Orchard Road, SingaporeThere are many neon lighted instrument deco outside one of the malls
We found trumpet, bass, clarinet, violin, harp, flute etc

Neon lighted violin with DiorMichelle and I, taking with violin since both of us are learning violin now

Neon lighted fluteNever forget to take pic with flute
But i find this flute is distorted, doesn't look like flute =(
Miss those days when I play flute in high school band

Darling and IDarling and I
He is forced to wear the X'mas hat xD

Ah Wah and her hubbyLook at them!! They are so funny and sweet!!!
So friendly that you never thought they are dentists!!

I love christmas!!Great to celebrate x'mas with darling

Transparent top elevatorHere we're going to the rooftop for scenic view
You can see through the transparent top

Imagine it's transparent floor that you're standing on!!
Experienced that in NZ, it's scary but damn cool!!
Gonna post about it soon (late I mean, only when I've got the time ><)

Pretty gals at rooftop garden staircaseThe gals, the poseurs

Nice night view from roof top gardenView from rooftop garden

Great Christmas celebration in SingaporeHad lotsa 'n lotsa fun with darling's family
That's all the X'mas countdown I had in S'pore

How 'bout yours?

Love and Care♥ Pic of the day ♥
Glad to have you with me


hweeen said...

chipmunk version is cute..quite loving it too...
having a lot of fun lor...
hope i can be there one year for christmas..

나니 said...

Thanks : D Happy new year to you too!
Wow, I'd be worried if I got a tilting glass like that too : O

L1nG L1nG said...


Casley said...

Hweeen~ Yeah, lotsa fun.. kinda boring to celebrate x'mas every year in kl.. great to sense it in diff way, diff place.. ^^

나니~ arh, how to pronounce the korean name.. i love korea.. hehe.. i tried it once in NZ, my legs are shaking to see those tiny cars n people down there.. phew~ =P

Lingling~ thx my dear.. all the best in ur exam.. ^^

domokun said...

the chipmunk ones are so funny LOLLL thx 4 sharing XP

~Snowman~ said...

Nice curl hair! loveee! =)

Casley said...

sorry for late reply.. juz noticethe comments..><

Domokun~ haha funny and cute right.. u're welcome..=)

Snowman~ thx very much sweetie.. ^^