Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Good morning 2011

After a great NYE countdown at The Curve, darling and I headed home. Anyway we slept for merely 2 hours as we go out again at 5am. Yeah so early, what for? We're going for hiking!! I'm so excited as I always like to do something unusual on special day like this, 1-1-11. As for this time, I went to climb Broga Hill on the first day of 2011 simply because we wanna see the first sun rise of the year!! Booyah~

Broga Hill View at Dawn Night Look, it's still so dark when we reached the peak
It's kinda hard to climb as we can't really see clearly the route
and somemore it's our very first time coming here

The journey isn't that tiring but some of the paths are really steep

First thing came to my mind was:
"Omg climbing is not a big deal
but I'm going to die when I'm going down this steep hill"

Waiting for sunrise at Broga HillWe took a rest at the first peak and took some photos
Darling wanted to climb to the third peak
but Alvin is reluctant because he's exhausted

Sun rise at Broga Hill first peakThat's alright for me
As it looks very beautiful even it's the first peak

Somemore we might miss the sunrise if we climb higher

Couple at Broga HillLook like we're clubbing huh?
Both of us look slightly distorted as the flash is
wayyyyy too bright in such dark condition

Family and Friends at Broga HillAnother pic of our distorted looks
Together with darling's brother and his fiancee

Beautiful sunrise at Broga Hill MalaysiaIt's an amazing experience as this is my first time
climbing mountain for sunrise viewing

The wind that blow towards me chilled my sweaty body, feeling so great!

It's so crowded btw
Guess everyone's having the same thought:

Wanna look for the first sunrise of year 2011

Hard to take a nice pic
So many photobombs.... grrr~

Broga Hill day viewView from the first peak
Gonna try another peaks next time ^^

Broga hill great photographyMe likey ^^

Modelling, shooting at Broga HillI somehow look like a model here
Narcisist me!!! xD

Couple sweet photography at Broga Hill

Nice photography at Broga Hill

Broga Hill best place for natural photography

Best photo, picture at Broga Hill

Flying in Broga HillDarling's flying in the sky
Well, it's very dangerous when darling's posing this
he's standing on the edge of the rock,
slanting forwards plus the strong wind on the hill top

Commit suicide at Broga HillDarling's thought at that time: Scary, feel like commiting suicide

Broga Hill landscapeAlvin and Evon

Bukit Lalang landscapeUtilising Tx9's background defocus

Casley at Broga HillMy favourite

Say yeah, I've made it!!

Her version

His version

In love river

Bukit Lalang MalaysiaFound this kinda nice hehe

I simply took this one
Not bad bah?

Far view of further peaks

Jump at Broga HillJumping high~

Up and Down Broga HillNow you know how steep
Not scary to climb

But scary to go down

Steep Broga HillI've spend so much energy to BRAKE myself
So worrying of slipping down there
Saw some people hopping down though, PRO!!

Forest pathway to Broga HillBack to NORMAL ground, phew~

Toilet at Broga HillThe toilet which made everyone very convenient
A simple advice, used it only when it's dark
You won't wanna see it when the day is bright enough

It's a no-flush toilet, all it has inside is a big hole and many... you know...

Be extremely careful or else you'll be the small kid act in Slumdog Millionaire

Car park at Broga HillBack to our car
There is a charge of rm2 for the car park

Beautiful sky at Broga HillBeautiful cloud in the sky

New year celebration at Brga Hill MalaysiaA great start for year 2011
All the best to myself and others

There's too much wishes so I'd just keep them all in the bottom of my heart


L1nG L1nG said...

Such a nice post! And all your photos with Hwan are sooooooooooooooooo sweet ^^ Happy for you =)

Casley said...

thx sweetie.. i like all the pics taken.. hehe.. its really fun too.. ^^

domokun said...

ahh broga hill>< never heard b4 leh..wana ask my fren go with me ady XD niceee n sweet^^

Jac Jac a.k.a Ms Jacqueen said...

Nice pic babe~ ^^

Jason Chun 林家俊 said...

is so nice^^
and so romantic.. hahaha

Eason said...

wow...ncie phtoss !!!

Casley said...

Domokun~ yeah go go go!!! rmb to take pics n post on blog, i wanna see!!! =)

Jac~ thx babe.. waiting for ur updates!!!

Jason~ thx a lot.. haha as for me, its a great place to go with loved one.. even better than hanging around at complex!!

Eason~ thx very much for ur compliments.. ^^

thomas said...

Nice shots at Broga Hill.

Casley said...

thx thomas!! ^^

June said...

the photos of u look very natural! like them a lot!

HocanLai said...

the photos so nice!!!!

Casley said...

June & Hocanlai~ thx very much for the compliments.. ^^

Euniceee said...

hey! that's too sweet...shouldn't post...my eyes turn red alrdy...haha! =X

Casley said...

LOL euniceee!!! i shud get u eye lotion!!! xD

Sharon Ng said...

Babe, all the photos are nice and sweet!!

I love you hair which is bit curly, looks so natural =)