Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy meal~

Believe or not, this is my first happy meal in my life!! Mum used to buy normal set instead of happy meal for me and sis when we were still young. Credit to Henry Tan that I decided to buy one after reading his post.

I've never know happy meal comes with quite a lot of things and
with affordable price, around 6 bucks if I'm not mistaken

Word-finding game on the toy box

Happily unseal the toy

Its' Hello Kitty stamper!!

It's in pink colour

Aww cute~

A & C *Andy and Casley*

Hang it on my bag


♡Yumeko said...

Awww, Happy Meal!^__^* So cute~

Aaron Tyler said...

hi there, I like your blog....I'll be back...hahahaha@

sHeRrY said...

really? well, it's good you tried buying one for a change. Me it's really been a long time since I bought a McDonalds happy meal but just last I bought a kiddie meal from another fast food restaurant. Cute HK stamper I might buy a happy meal next week inspired by this post^^, Hey the wordsearch was easy believe it or not I searched for all the words! Love your nailsssss!!! I so envy you^^, I'm so gonna get a manicure and pedicure tomorrow but I think I'll just have a cleaning because it's our school policy that we shouldn't get colored nails but maybe this school vacy I'm so getting my nails done:]

sweet_cherry said...

oh my, when u bought it? i like the stamper..soooo cute =P

Eason said...

Happy MEal...yeahhhhh hello kitty...zzzzzzz lol = = ....

Baboon Tan said...

LOL! I don't even dare to order Happy Meal now :X

Casley said...

Yumeko~ yeah its cute.. ^^

Aaron~ thx.. do come back often.. =)

Sherry~ all the words? LOL.. thx for reading the posts.. haha i juz do manicure n pedicure for fun, not pro enough.. yeah make it for cny, ban leng leng go take ang pao.. xD

Casley said...

Theng~ hmm 1 or 2 weeks ago? now only decide to post it.. duno whether it's still available or not..

Eason~ hello kitty.... not for guys though.. xD

Baboon~ Yalor, same goes to me initially.. somemore a few ppl keep looking at me when i was having the burger.. but later on i feel like, aiks ntg to worry or scare about n started to take pics with them!! xD