Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

It's new year eve. I've planned to held gathering with Mun Yee Primary buddies but too bad, most of them can't make it. Anyway, I always have the oldest buddy from Mun Yee Primary with me >>> that's my darling!! Darling is one of the oldest buddy I've known (since standard one in primary), not to mention we went to the same kindergarten as well!!! xD

Perming hairPerm my hair for the very first time in my life!!!

Made our way to Mid Valley after I have my hair permed. We had lunch at Reminsce, main intention was to meet up my primary bestie, patricia. Will blog about it later anyway (there's too much to blog about)!

Nice curly hairSo how do I look with curly hair?
Not really used to it
But glad that darling likes it ^^

Sushi Zanmai, One UtamaHad dinner at Sushi Zanmai, One Utama
Yeah we went to One U from Mid Valley!!
Too free, aren't we? Swt~

Japanese Chawanmushi Sushi ZanmaiWe've ordered Chawanmushi

Chicken Katsudon Sushi Zanmai One Utama, KLChicken Katsudon

Japanese Miso Shiro aka miso soup at Sushi ZanmaiMiso Shiro

Awesome japanese garlic rice at Sushi ZanmaiGarlic Rice
Super nice!!

Sweet couple camwhoring while waiting meal to be servedCamwhore while waiting for the meal

PoserHe just can't smile to the camera!! Why!!!

Long queue for Baskin Robbin 31Spot a super long queue
This is unusual as it's already 2230!!
All the shops are closed, except.......
Baskin robbins!!

baskin robbin 31% discount saleSome people are making phone calls
"Eh, super cheap, wan buy ar?"
Hmm sorry.. Suppose to be,
"Eh, f%&king cheap. How many GALLON do you want?"
No exaggerating here as I see few aunties bought
containerSS of "Half Gallon" and "Value Cut"

Baskin robbin- pint, quart, gallon?My first time buying it at discounted price, yippie!!

baskin robbin frozen yoghurt and chocolate chipYum yum~
Greedy Casley wanna buy a bigger one

but can't manage to finish the quart since just 2 of us here
Ended up bought the pint with frozen yoghurt and chocolate chip

One Utama--new year eve-- shopping--Baskin RobbinDarling looks like a kiddo here

I want Baskin Robbin!Look at him!!! Doesn't wanna share with me!! Hmmph~

Grab my Baskin RobbinSnatched it from him LOL

Garden, One Utama KLCasley @ Garden, One Utama

Snow flakes deco at Garden, One Utama KLLove the snow flakes deco

Walking to see fireworksSad to know at last minute that One Utama doesn't have any countdown event
Luckily darling's friends fetched us from One U to the Curve in time
so... a total of FOUR places we went in a day!!

Fireworks at Ikea New Year 2011Once we rushed there, the fireworks begin right away~ LUCKY!

Happy New Year 2011- awesome fireworksWhee~

Fireworks 2011 Magnificient
2011 New Year Fireworks -- Kuala LumpurEveryone wowed to see this ^^

Video of 2011 New Year Fireworks -- Kuala LumpurDarling's taking video of the fireworks

Fireworks-- photo taken with Sony Tx7Isn't it nice? Thx to Sony Tx9!!

Blogger + fireworksOops the blurry blogger

Fireworks at Ikea, KL MalaysiaI love fireworks!!!
I think fireworks @ One U last year is much much nicer though

Blogger + her bf + friends from New Zealand & IMUWith darling's friends from NZ
All are back to M'sia for holiday

Met a IMU studentWith Dimi and new met friend, Nirmal
Surprised to know that she's from IMU as well
A senior from Medicine course who's waiting for credit transfer to Canada
All the best to her!!

Happy New Year, Happy 2011 with the loved oneHappy new year darling ♥
And of course, to all my dear readers =P

Crowd -- to watch fireworksLook at the crowd
All heading home which is just across the road

So convenient to watch fireworks

When there will be such great fireworks around Setapak?

Pray well for year 2011
Heading home
Grateful that everything goes well in 2010
Hope for a blessful year in 2011

I love my curly hair!I start to love myself in curly hair

Eternal love blessed♥ Love ♥


sweet_cherry said...

hey, u look reli gud in curly hair lahh..make me fel like wana perm my hair as wel..hehe..i like ur big curl..nice..looks more lady bt nt too mature..nice!!

L1nG L1nG said...

Nice hairstyle!!! Very different feel =D Unfortunately I can't have my hair permed due to my poor quality of hair =(

P.S. I recognised + remember the top you were wearing ;P

Punk Chopsticks said...

Goshhhh you're HAWT XD *Wink wink but not in a freaky serial rapist way XD* Hahah and awesome post btw, I really like your blog (And BASKIN ROBINS!!!)

p/s: yeah, your beau is so cute with you XD

p/p/s: Btw, I replied to your comment: "@Casley: yes!!! lol you SHOULD and pleaseee please tell me when you do and how it's like"

XCB said...

heys i also went to one u thinking that there will stage show or ocuntdown but then apparently there was nothing and i walked all the way to the curve to countdown!! lol

*JacQueliNe* said...

you look so nice with your curl hair, wish i can thin and leng leng s you..:D

Casley said...

Theng~ thx, u go perm hair too, i wanna see!! too bad this is not permanent one..

Ling~ thx.. ur hair? poor quality? as i rmb, the last time i saw u,ur hair's still looking good.. haha ntg can defeat ur memory.. thats right.. photo stickers.. =P

Casley said...

punk chopsticks~ haha seldom ppl call me hot.. thx!! u like baskin robins too? im aiming for 31st jan for discount LOL!!! haha u replied to my comment.. u're so cute!!

XCB~ haha so co-incident.. *high 5* now we know ppl prefer one-U more than the curve!! xD

JacQueliNe~ thx for the compliment.. no, u're thin and pretty!! n young!! younger than me..