Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hitz. fm @ IMU at IMU
What a surprise to see cars in front of imu

hitz. fm 92.9 crews in campusAs you can see, it did attracted lotsa students
Luckily it's lunch time, otherwise there'll be no one here xD Dj at International Medical University
Here's the DJ from
Sorry that I can't remember the names

But they are very nice

Casley and Ah BYes they were there to play game with us
Childish game for childish me ==

It's been ages since I play with balloon
This is me and Ching Lin

First, we have to place the balloon at our forehead then move it to the stomach

Balloon game, hitz.fmThen move it to the knee
Those who dropped their balloons are considered lost
So you really need to keep the balloon in track slowly
Oh mine it seems easy but it's actually not

Okay, this is the toughest!!
We have to move it back from our knee to forehead!!
When the DJ instruct us to move back to the forehead, we were like wtf?
Gosh it's hard for me since our heights are different
When it almost reached Ching Lin's forehead, it just reached my neck
and I have to use my face to draggggg it all the way to my forehead
Oh no, damn ugly movements

But guess what?
We had actually won the game!!

Freebies from hitz.fmThere were some Q&A session to get some free gifts
Worst thing is the gifts are from IMU itself!!

But we don't mind since it's just a game and
we do need to pay for those stuff in IMU xD

Bruno Mars, Camp Rock CDHere are the gifts for winner

IMU syringe-like penSyringe-like pen I personally think it's cool the first time I saw it

IMU note bookIMU note book

IMU bookmarksLike this the most! ^^
Bookmarks with all the courses in IMU

IMU Pharmacy bookmarkI hope it's a girl for this bookmark
so that it can represent myself Dj and IMU studentsIMU students and DJ


L1nG L1nG said...

Looks so fun!

Casley said...

Lingling~ its kinda fun.. more to surprise though, to see the crews in imu.. ^^

ghe said...

looks like fun... take care.

Euniceee said...

you look so cheerful in every pic!^^

Casley said...

ghe~ thx.. u too, take care.. =)

Euniceee~ haha hope im always that cheerful.. ^^

domokun said...

waa u study pharmacy in imu? my fren also u noe yu bing?lol

CHEEN said...

nice nice. i love the bookmarks XD hahah. so yer taking up bs pharmacy ? nice XD me? em taking up bs medtech :)

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

The pen is very unique and nice !! Like it... =)

Casley said...

Domokun~ Yeap im studying in imu.. hmm i dunno her.. she's in what batch?

Cheen~ haha very cute right? yeap im taking pharm.. medtech, cool.. where r u studying?

Lolly~ most ppl find it very unique.. hehe guess im going to buy some before i graduate for memory.. =P