Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jogoya 2 for 1 buffet

Sorry for not updating my blog for couple of weeks. Am really busy with my reports, pbl, psd and port foilio these days. Its a very exciting day as our practical ended very early and I joined my coursemates for lunch buffet at Jogoya. Booyah! Something I must clarify over here that I heard lotsa bad comments about Jogoya before this which is also the reason I've been avoiding to dine here. So I actually came here with a piece of mind that: as long as I don't get food poisoning that should be okay. My friend did come here for buffet and almost all of them ended up in the clinic due to food poisoning. Anyway, that was more than a year ago. I hope they have improved by providing fresh foods now.

Jogoya (T3, Relish Floor, Starhill Gallery, 181, Jln Bukit Bintang)
2 person for 1 price only!
Which means rm78 for 2 pax (excluding tax)
Available for lunch and supper only (21 Feb 2011 – 27 Apr 2011)

Nice deco

Big round table for bigger group
I like the dim lighting here btw

Dining place for smaller group

Sushi are made on the spot
As you can see, no much sushi left =(
because we were late owing to society meeting

Steam food session and it's indeed very foggy
We tried once to call the person to help us get some dim sum
But they can't see us 'cause of the steam blocking their sight wth!

Here comes the cookie and cupcake session
Of course that's not all, scroll down for more!

The table was all filled up with foods
Whooo we were extremely happy

Black pepper chicken

Lamb chop and I-dunno-whats-that



California roll

Chicken soup

Oyster and I-dunno-whats-that-2

Fried rice and abalone
(Now I wonder why there's no shark fin?!)

Fried stuff

Haha and crab!!
ChingLin aka Ah B (rmb her?) took it, play with it and eat it!
It was really hilarious
I regretted that I missed taking photo at that moment!

Liangjie's acting cool here
He's annoyed that we keep taking pics until he could no longer smile anymore
Haha that's because we repeat taking pics using camera and cell phones of different person

We forced him to look happy here
And this is the outcome ><

I ate the sushi without noticing there's a lil wasabi on it
Hate wasabi!

Careen is acting this on behalf of XiaoYing
where she intended to pour out the coconut juice into the glass instead of using straw
This abnormal scene made us burst into laughter instantly

This is the amount we can get by pouring the juice out
after a while
Conclusively, use straw is faster lah! xD

With the gals

Me and SiowChin
She's pretty huh? =P

IMU besties
Careen, ChenKun, XiaoYing and yours truly

ChenKun was happy to max to get Haegen Darz

But look at her expression when Careen kacau her! LOL!

Fruits session
We didn't take a single piece of fruits from here
All aimed for those more pricey stuff

Cakes and brownies!! =)

We had lotsa ice cream, hmm at least 3 bowls per pax? xD

Blueberry and caramel brownies

Big bunch of coursemates
Wanted to take a candid pic of them chit-chatting and
Qiqi surpised me by her high awareness to camera focus! =P

Still feeling not full enough
We decided to go for more desserts

Egg yolk?
Nah, it's mango pudding
Look cute eh?
With waffle+green tea icecream and more brownies at the back

Scene 1

Scene 2
LJ: Huh? (Surprised)

Scene 3
LJ: Yiii, I don't want!
All: ROFL!!!!

Okay, we chit-chat happily to max that we broke a glass
We were totally clueless who broke it and how?
What I can remembered was while we were laughing very hard and then PING PLANG!
Everyone stunned at that moment staring at each other

The creative ChenKun made some kinda creature by using the table clips

No it's a warrior!
Look at the chopstick spear that he's holding!

Omg he got shell shield too!!!!

Taken before leaving Jogoya
Lj accidentally shook his hand while taking this pic
Nice effect huh?

Rest for a while after the lunch
We were all full

So happy that I get to know this bunch of crazy friends in IMU

Okay here come the vain pics of mine which taken in the ladies ><
Take 1

Take 2
Owh my pimple rocks!

Take 3

Frankly said, this is my frist time drop by Star Hill
though I've been living in KL for 20 years!

It's very nice indeed

Went to Pavillion after that
That's LJ waiting for us and pushing his nose against the glass door showing his impatience

The whole piece of clean glass was spoilt by this oily stain
Btw, can you spot the culprit in this pic?
He has no idea that I was waiting for him to turn around (for reflection effect)
and take the pic of stain together with him!

100% candid! Look at his innocent face!
He can't stop laughing after I showed him this pic

Dropped by Mac store and play with ipad

It's Cut the Rope
They fall in love with the game when I first show them how cute it is
Btw, anyone knows what is it actually? Hmm my friend said it's a frog

Pic of the day
-with IMU BP110-