Friday, June 17, 2011

Back to life

Well, this is a late update. Though exam is over 3 weeks ago and I'm here in Auckland for holiday, I feel obligated to blog about my uni life. I had lotsa fun with coursemates where everyday is an enjoyable day spent with them. I'm so grateful to have them and it was never been so enjoyable in my study life. Nevertheless, other than attending lectures, struggling for exam is a total disaster. Too many notes to be 'munched'. Too many reaction, drug's name, function, adverse effect etc to be memorised. I have FINALLY feel the tension of a pharmacy student, having thought now that it is really not easy to score. Hmm not hard to pass, but damn hard to score. Owh well, scratch those unpleasant sentense since the lifeless-studying-for-exam period is over for the moment, let's talk about something fun. Blogging this post far away from Malaysia makes me miss IMU a lot!

Caution: Bear with super silly pics and descriptions or leave! =P

With my IMU besties
Taken right after EOS exam
We can hardly smile "oh my, I can't believe we just finished our exam"
Should I smile since it ends
or should I be sad for the mistakes I made? Grrr....

Whatever, we are ready to have fun!
First - fill our poor hungry stomach
We came to my all time favourite restaurant ~ Madam Kwan's
Careen: I'm ready to makan! Hehe~

Xiao Ying: Hmm cannot.. I must pose as well..
You take fork and knife, I take chili and tomato!

ChenKun: Me? Salt and pepper!
Haha well, she's reluctant to take part in our
silly action while waiting for the meal to be served but....
the rest of us forced her to pose!!! *evil* xD

There were left with nothing that I can pose with
Luckily, there comes our drinks
Thus, for me, mango shake and apple juice(Careen's)!
Love the mango shake here to max!
Kinda pricey but worth it

This is their very first time dine in Madam Kwan's
Fortunately they are satisfied with my recommendation and enjoy the meal a lot
Careen~ fish and chip

Xiao Ying~ nasi lemak

ChenKun~ chicken chop

Me~ my all time fav, nasi lemak

Camwhore inside the ladies before movie (Fast anf Furious 5)
Take 1

Take 2
Silly ugly face ><

Take 3
My silly partner
Thank god she'll be going to Otago with me
Otherwise I'll be bored to death =P

Look how INTIMATE we are
All sharing a same drink
but.... different straws
silly action again =='
Look at how we marked our straws for differentiation purpose

Me and XiaoYing marked them by folding the straws and place
it one higher and one lower in position
Here, my silly partner came with an idea
Tying a knot with the straw
She has no idea what happen till I asked her to drink
Does she able to drink? Not a single sip of course!
So funny and cute lah wey

♥ the 4 besties ♥
Grateful to have you guys
Everyday is a LAUGHING day with you guys

Pirate of Carribean display at the center court of Mid Valley
I was impressed with the display especially the pirate ship Black Pearl
How can they build it? Awesome!

We wanted to watch Pirate instead of Fast 5 actually
but..... I wanna watch pirate in Auckland! xD
Anyway Fast 5 is damn nice
ChenKun and I keep wow-ing and laughing through the film

The treasure

Exhausted due to hanging out right after exam + days of burning midnight oil

Careen: Caught red handed!!
Me: No picha, no picha!

Owh I'm holding his hand
Looks creepy

Put on jewellery for him ><

Met IMU coursemates and group pic taken
See you guys next sem
Arh, gotta enjoy the holiday as much as we can

p/s: post about auckland will be up soon! Stay tuned peeps!


sweet_cherry said...

wow, u went to madam kwan's?!! i like the nasi lemak thr too..althou it is quite expensive, bt it is big portion n delicious..anyway, i will try the western food thr..the chicken chop and fish n chip in ur photo look vr tasty..woohoo..=)

thomas said...

wah!How nice to blog from so far away.

Casley said...

yalor very big portion, cant finish it lah theng.. abit wasted.. >< i had some bites from my coursemates, the chikcen chop & fish and chip taste really great, .. =P

Thx thomas! Miss malaysia at the same time.. especially the foods!!! xD

Miss N said...

ah..the food, so amazing...

Kian Fai said...

Fast 5 nice right? :) did you watch the post credit scene?

heh anyways your friend IMU and you looks hot XD jk jk

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

Pirates!! Love the movie~ Fast5 nice too~~~ omg~ feel like watching again...btw i notice u still with that blue colored nails! hahaha xD

Liki said...

You're coming to Otago? :D

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Woww your food and your friend's one is so tempting.. Haha !! I miss the day when I hanging out with my friends.. Hmmm...

Casley said...

Miss N~ thx sweetie.. =)

KianFai~ yeap its very nice.. worth watching! haha she's hotter! xD

Magdalene~ Yeap sweetie.. i painted it during exam n i went to watch movie (in this post)right after the exam.. xD

Liki~ Nope.. will juz travel around North island this time.. will only travel south when i start studying in otago.. =)

Fang~ haha taste really nice indeed.. enjoy hanging out with friends.. ^^