Sunday, June 5, 2011

In Love with the Sky

The most beautiful rainbow I've ever seen in Malaysia
I've always complain how rare to see rainbow here
but gladly I feel 'granted' somehow before my departure

A very good morning
Love the weather
I'm glad to have my exam done 3 days ago
and I'm so so ready to go for my holiday

Take 2 of beautiful sun rise
I'm going to miss the warmth here, perhaps.... =P

My first destination, Ambassador Transit Hotel @ Changi Airport
I've been terrified with the word Changi ever since
I watched the thriller 'Old Changi Hospital'
A lame thriller which able to frighten me where
I still remember how the ghost popped out in the screen xD

After settling my belongings in the transit hotel,
first thing to do is definitely to contact my family and bf
Since this is my first time having flight transit and alone somemore
Nevertheless, just like how I travel last winter, I seem enjoying 'flying' alone

Cari makan and spotted O'Briens
My SUPER favourite
But I resist the temptation (as I'll have lotsa chance of having
western food in the coming 1 month time)

Instead, I had chicken rice!!!
For sure, I'm going to miss Malaysia foods(not forget to mention, mum's cook too)!!

Back to hotel for some rest
My first time transit, and it's for 10 hours!!
So now you see, I have no choice but to waste $68 for a stay of 6 hours *sigh*

Indeed, it's very clean and comfy

Look at Mr.Casual, so relaxing lying on the bed
While me, I'm kinda.. you know.. think too much.. of those 'thing'
Haha can't blame, even a guy may feel so if they travel far alone and have to stay in hotel

But I'm more than happy to challenge myself *enjoy it*
People see cars in the car park out of their window
As for me, I have airplane parking right in front of my window
Owh how sarcastic

This room has one advantage as in compared to the budget room
Own shower and bath tub
Ish I'm still not ready for backpack style alone, for now

The tireness couldn't be recovered
I've been so busy hanging out with IMU coursemates and
packing within these 3 days after the EOS exam
But we are all happy that we have finished the exam, DAMN HAPPY
*tears* study Pharmacy and working at the same time isn't really easy

I've no idea how's our KLIA, but what I'm sure is Changi airport is uber BIG
and you have complete facilities here
Lotsa comfy couches are available
Feeling secure.. is what I need when I travel alone

Tv lounge

If I ever knew they provide this, I would have save the money
of buying extra baterries for my cell phone

Okay, that's all for the rainforest lounge

My dinner, curry chicken rice which doesn't seem like it

Orange juice stolen by Casual

As well as KitKat

Night view from the above
I shouldn't be sitting on the aisle seats anymore, what a waste

I have a truly GREAT night on the plane
My first time ever to see the night sky almost like this
Stars aren't that big and compact but are so visible
And as others said, they don't twink!!!
This pic is stolen from the abseiling adventure I had on last winter
(As I'm having exactly the same feeling, AMAZING)
I feel so blessed to see double rainbow and a sky fulled with thousands/millions of stars in one day
AND........ I saw meteor!!! No lies at all!!!
Can you imagine how excited I am? *grateful*

Had my breakfast, still fulled with excitement

Sun rise again

I become more emo after EOS exam
A lil tiny thing would touches my heart

Casual baby is enjoying the sky view

While me, reading Secret the Power

Gonna reach NZ in no time

Ahem, the weather isn't that good huh?

But..... Auckland welcomed me with rainbow!!! xD
Love rainbow to max!!

Here the 3 lil family members united once again
The only difference, I have more and more acne after EOS exam, ish!

Glad to be here again
Till then, will update more often in this winter holidays =)


sweet_cherry said...

wow,i totaly understand hw excited r u when u saw meteor, as i saw it b4 in mlc too..hehe..btw,i did saw rainbow it vr much..=) anyway,enjoy ur trip ya..

Casley said...

Thx sweetie!!! haha somemore the sky is so clear, so nice!!! haha i thought i was in heaven!!! xD

Euniceee said...

Haha! Hmm.. how long will u stay there? aww... you really own a pretty smile...^^

domokun said...

will be staying there for a month??holiday? waaa>< so niceee>< i like the night view!!!><

Casley said...

Euniceee~ i'll be here for one and a half month.. n thx for ur compliment sweetie.. ^^

Renae~ Yeap holiday.. nice right.. i never feel so excited in seeing such nice night view.. awesome!!!

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

noticed ur blue nails~ xD btw what is that black thing u carrying in the last picha??

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Woww, so do you make the wishes when u saw the meteor?? =D

I also hope I can travel like you in future time. =D

Casley said...

Magdalene~ haha i've painted them blue during my exam period actually.. btw its violin that im carrying.. =P

Fang~ of coz i did!! haha great, hope u can, soon.. its fun and adventurous.. ^^

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

oh wow!! u play violin? cool~~~ xD btw blue means emo to me. u stress during exam? lol. that's why i name myself BlueRose now. emo queen. xP

Casley said...

Magdalene~ yeap, but juz started to play, not pro.. >< haha i never realise y i chose blue without having second thought during exam till u said it.. i guess u're right, im stressed at that time.. haha im emo too!! xD