Saturday, June 11, 2011

This is more than William-Kate's fairy tale wedding!!

A video on facebook shared by my friend caught my eye. But I realised it's just one part of it. When I searched for it, I found there's something HUGE happened behind this and there are 3 parts of it. I've shared the links here, hope you guys love it. Girls, if you ever experience the same situation, for sure you will cry like hell like how Nikki did. Aww I enjoyed this 94377324924 times more than Prince William and Princess Kate's wedding. It's so much more magnificient than all other famous Hollywood celebrities.

I've always love flash mob ever since I get to know it in the newspaper many years ago. I still remember the flash mob which was reported to come along suddenly and scream in front of Mc Donalds (location/country -- forgotten) and then left as if nothing has happened. For that moment, I feel like wow, thats fun (childish me) and I would definitely give it a try if I have the chance. I never know the idea of flash mob went so big like what you can see here. I love the way they do it with PASSION, regardless of race. Even though they aren't doing it for you and get no pay for what they've done, but you can still see people willing to learn the dance at home, spend their time to doing this. I, as an audience, feel so much joy in front of my lappie. It's really really great!!! Many thumbs up!!

p/s: I can't stop aww-ing and clap my hands while watching the videos. Haha darling and baby casual were having fun watching it too! All the best to Justin and Nikki, toast! =)

I saw some bad comments about Nikki which quite a few numbers of people complaining she's fat. OMG whatever she looks does not matter with you okay? You're not the one who's marrying her. What I think is fairy tale does not have to be neccessarily a handsome good looking man and gorgeous attractive lady, right?


:: - LoLLy - :: said...

I'm totally agreed with your statement, "What I think is fairy tale does not have to be neccessarily a handsome good looking man and gorgeous attractive lady, right??"

Haha.. If handsome good looking man must match with gorgeous attractive lady then the other not so good looking one is it meaning that we need to abandon them? LOL ~

Euniceee said...

Awww...ooh!!! ahhh!! SOOOOO 'lum' ...~~~ *DROWN* HEHE!!

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

i watched this in fb already!! really touching~ <3

Casley said...

Fang~ thx.. yeap seriously dun think its necessarily to have both good looking in a couple.. shouldnt look at the appearance esp when it comes to love, true love is what matters.. ^^

Euniceee~ haha many people commented in fb saying how touching, how they cried etc.. haha all are girls btw.. guys on the other side are sad squeezing their brain for better proposal ideas now..

Magdalene~ yeap it touches every girl's heart!!! awww~ *tears*

Mr Lonely said...

hehehe.. visits here with a smile ~~ =D

L1nG L1nG said...

I watched the clips too! They were so touching that I couldn't stop crying ;(

Casley said...

Mr Lonely~ thx for the visit!! ^^

Ling~ haha yalor, most girls they did cried.. i wonder y i din cry.. i just keep wow-ing n had my jaw dropped through the video.. LOL!