Monday, August 29, 2011

IMU Chinese Singing Competition 2011 -- Audition

I was very busy lately due to the IMU Chinese Singing Competition. Luckily I managed to blog a lil by utilising this Raya break. Happy holiday guys! Alright back to the topic, this event is divided into 2 days: audition and finale. It is tiring and stressful throughout the process. From looking for sponsorship and judges, tickets selling, votes counting and the announcement of the finalist/winner to things as small as wrapping hampers and frying nuggets that will to be sold on the event night!

The president together with 2 vice presidents and a stage coordinator
listening carefully to the programmer's briefing

Careen is damn serious wey

Having dinner in lecture hall before the rehearsal

It's tiring but we did had lotsa fun

While waiting for the rehearsal to start, Careen our programmer
never missed the chance to sing in the lecture hall LOL

There you go, the rehearsal started and went on smoothly

Alright, let's jump to the audition day to have a look at the contestants! ^^

Our hosts on that night

New coming pretty junior from BPharm

I personally like this performance due to the the song which I used to
sing during a school band camp I had in Perak

They sang it very well!

Need not to rub your eyes
This is our lecturer and the only lecturer who took part in the competition
Seriously, we were shock when the lecturer approached us

Another potential contestant

Our judge today~ Adrian

He's very good looking and friendly!!

Have a look at group session
My coursemates actually, they can sing damn well
Mind you, the guy in the middle doesn't know chinese! Thumbs up!

Even our president and secretary are their supporters!! xD
BP110 go go go!!!

My job on that day is to serve the judge and calculate for the result
Look at me with the white skirt, my friends were jealous that I can approach Adrian easily LOL

Checking on the votes and results from judges

We've invited a pretty judge who is actually a friend of Careen
You won't gonna believe that this beautiful young lady is still a high school student!

Our president who approached Adrian for signature during rest time
Aww we were sitting side by side and of course, I've got myself his signature too!

The finalists~ 10 from solo category and 6 from group category
Congrates! You guys are awesome!

The girls were queueing to get Adrian's signature
The queue was very long that we had to limit a certain number of
people to came into the hall at a time gosh!
I seriously never thought to see our medical students that crazy

The real life friends
Careen and

The committees and the judges

Here comes the vice president alone with the judges

She is very tall!

These are the pics I took that my friends were so jealous
I have to say that he's a very easy going and friendly actor+singer
Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

There you go a full version video of Adrian performed in IMU Chinese Singing Competition 2011!


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Audition,looks like the real day.

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