Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bonjour Paris

Greetings from Paris, France! Travel to Paris the city of love/light has always been a dream for most of the girls. In fact, Paris WAS at the top of my list for travel/honeymoon! It is no longer #1 as I discovered one that suit me (and darling) the best! Anyway, Paris is a HEAVEN for SHOPAHOLICS! First advice (for ladies especially) travelling to Paris is to load your purse with lotsa EUROS! and of course don't forget to learn some easy French for better communication with the locals xD

Casley @ Eiffel Tower, Paris!FINALLY I have the chance to take pic with YOU, Eiffel Tower
You can't tell how happy and grateful I am

Manicure inside KLIA expressWe take tube to airport as no one is free to send us!
Manicure inside KLIA express ==

Couple separated in KLIA departure zoneThis exact spot has always been a sad place for us
The place to see darling leaving to NZ again and again
Anyway we are happy to step on this zone of SEPARATION this time

Waiting patiently for our flight MASWaiting for our flight *Excited*

MAS Flight from KL to ParisStill remember the days I used to fly ALONE to meet darling, vice versa
Finally, for the VERY FIRST time, we got the chance to fly TOGETHER
Poor Casual the Bear used to fly with either me or darling

MAS flight Malaysia to FranceAppreciate the loved one sitting next to me
This flight journey has totally become different than the previous one
With someone beside you to talk to, watch movie together... SIMPLY THE BEST

Champs-Élysées famous for film setting venueChamps-Élysées
A street well known for its luxury specialty shop, cafes, cinemas etc
I bet many of you would have seen this street/scene in movies
Anyway I cant recall the name of the movies.. Anyone?

Champs-Élysées street stunning viewThe driver is kind enough to open the rooftop for me
So I can take pics in better quality without the restriction of the car window glass

Arc de Triomphe, Champs-ÉlyséesArc de Triomphe

Champs-Élysées LV Louis vuitton 7 storey buiding parisThe grand and luxurious 7-storey LV shoplot
Didn't shop in here though (Gotta save more when I start working in future)

Notre Dame CathedralOur first destination for city tour in Paris
*Notre Dame de Paris aka Notre Dame Cathedral*
A Historic Roman Catholic Marian cathedral

Knight statue with horse Paris RomeThere are lotsa classic statue in Paris even though its a city
Makes me feel like I'm kinda inside a movie

Awesome building with carvingAnother awesome building, look at the carving

Basilica of Sacre-Coeur, MontMartre*Basilica of Sacre-Coeur, MontMartre* I find it hard to pronounce like a French
I've only know that it is located 130metres up the hill
It's located high so people can view it from far away
Didn't enter the church since we need to queue

View from top of hill MontmartreView from the top of MontMartre

Montmartre movie film settingLook at this, crowded with tourists
Now you know why we skip the queue to enter the church =P

Paris Eiffel Tower garden parkLove the green park with rows of tree aside
People are lying on the green grass, some are having picnic
Imagine if we do this by the road side back in KL, people might say us NUTS

Under beneath Eiffel Tower ParisHere we go~ to Eiffel Tower
The tour guide/driver we got here can speak fluent English, luckily
Equipped with microphone so we, the passengers can hear the intro (basically all the history zzzz) clearly

Eiffel Tower Paris FranceIsn't it stunning?
Aww melt to pass under Eiffel Tower
I used to dream to come here *Still can't believe I'm actually here*

Me at Eiffel Tower, ParisTook some pics of Eiffel Tower from the park

Sweet couple with Eiffel Tower, ParisThe happy couple @ Eiffel Tower

Andy and Casley at Paris Eiffel TowerMore pics!! Can't stop taking photo LOL

Summer Eiffel TowerSunny and windy day
Love the summer here, its around 15°C

Eiffel Tower paradeAnother view of Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower Paris FranceCan hardly describe my feeling now

Couple best wedding photo with Eiffel TowerPic of the Day
♥ Casley & Andy ♥
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sweet_cherry said...

hey, ching..those photos r jzlike ur pre wedding photo lehh wif ur white dress n hwan's attire..

Miki-chan 凸(ò㉨ó✖) said...

Wow! THAT'S awesome! You're in France :D anyway hello ^^

Annie said...

what a sweet couple! I love the photos so much!

Taufulou said...

sooo cool.. i also wish one day i can take picture with Eiffel tower

Ryan said...

the photos are awesome! hope i can go there some day too.

TianChad Chen said...

Seems like a good place for couple to do photoshoot ;p THe last picture for pre-wedding photoshoot right? ;p

June said...

That is very sweet of both of you! Like your smile! Please do update. :)

domokun said...

ahhh sweet couplee!!>< i wanted to go paris for honeymoon too XP

domokun said...

hey casley! by the way i have chg my blog website to hahaa (;