Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ah Kuan's 21st Birthday @ Teeq Restaurant, Lot10 Rooftop

Here I am, return back to blogging world after almost a year! Thinking that my last post was in August last year too! Feel so sorry to my readers. And I'm sure I've lost most of them. Aiks. Many things happened, interesting stuff anyway LOL. I've been enjoying my life all these while, busy with my studies and feel so slack to blog. Anyway I somehow have some urge to blog now. So please keep supporting my blog! Thanks to all! <3 -="" 21st="" ah="" birthday="" blogging="" br="" coursemate="" go="" here="" imu="" kuan="" s="" start="" we="" with=""> We dine in Teeq restaurant which is nearby Pavillion/ roof top of Lot 10.

The Teeq Restaurant

The restaurant actually made us wow once we stepped in there. We love the ambience and environment. Its great! But the restaurant just seem to be UNDERcrowded that night. Perhaps its Sunday night or everyone's watching Olympics badminton final between our hero Lee Chong Wei against Lin Dan?

Reaching at Teeq Restaurant
The sexy back view of HueyLin and the birthday gal, Ah Kuan

Dine in Teeq restaurant Lot 10 PavillionOur dining table 
teeq restaurant picturesThis place looks awesome right?

Camwhore session while waiting for the rest

Camwhore again....

and again....

Teeq restaurant @ Lot 10
Obviously, camwhoring is a good way to make the time passed a lil faster than usual
So all of us are here now!
(L-R) XiaoYing, JieMin, Eunice and XinRu

Credit to the lighting
As it actually makes the pics look awesome

Girls night at Teeq RestaurantGroup pic with the birthday gal

Dinner at Teeq restaurantGroup pic 2

Here are some of the dishes we've ordered. You can view the menu of Teeq Restaurant here:

Menu of Teeq Restaurant Lot 10
Con fungi RM28
Pasta with wild mushrooms
Try this out if you're up to pasta (this is the best as compared to other pasta we've tried)

Menu of Teeq Restaurant/Bar
Al dabra RM30

Teeq Restaurant Pasta
 Rome's Deli RM32

Teeq Restaurant salmonSalmon Trout RM40

Birthday wish"Okay, I wish Lee Chong Wei will win in this match"
"And as for my favourite player Lee Yong Dae, I wish......."

Birthday celebration at Teeq RestaurantThe gal has officially 21 years old!!!

Slices of the cake we bought
Taste really great 

Birthday girl posing with her pressie

Look at her evil + jealousy look at her 2 besties!!

*Phewphit* Sexy lady

With another sexy lady, Peishi

Ah Kuan & I 
With my new summer dress from Kitschen =)
I wish I can be taller!

PeiSian, ChingLin and JieMin

Pretty models at Teeq RestaurantMy favourite pic
3 pretty models

Teeq Restaurant/club KLThe Teeq Restaurant
Like this pic very much
Without me the photographer though aiks

The future pharmacists!! xD

Had a really great time with the girls
Hope we have more outings like this despite of our busy timetable *cheers*

KLCC night view from Teeq RestaurantView outside the Teeq restaurant
Can vaguely see KLCC far away
Night view outside Teeq Restaurant/clubBasically a nice place for celebration and gathering

Review of Teeq Restaurant:
Great ambience and service. The foods anyway are just okay and cost slightly above average (may consider it reasonable for the nice atmosphere).

View Teeq restaurant in a larger map

 Roof Top, Level 8, Lot 10 Shopping Centre
50, Jalan Sultan Ismail
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
(At the top of Lot 10 shopping complex)

GPS: 3.14644,101.712036
Contact no: +603-2782 3555
                  +603-2782 3571 
Business hour: 6.30pm - 11pm



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athena said...

Hello! are you the birthday girl? :) happy Birthday sis, hope all your wishes will come true.. ^^,

Anonymous said...

U look stunning!

Quay Po Cooks said...

Pretty girls in a row. It is always lots fun to have a girls day out. I am sure the birthday girl had a blast.

Anonymous said...

The environment looks great and the dishes seem delicioussss! now i got suggestion for my sch garthering venue. TQ!

Mr Lonely said...

walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

John said...

I see great friendship here.

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haha ahkuan is in me secondary high school eh!! its a small world!!! hahaha

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H@ppy r@in *_*: yeah will try my best to keep blogging.. thx!!

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The place looks cozy. u girls look great!