Sunday, September 9, 2012

Paris Dinner Cruise and Lido Show

Yeap we went for dinner cruise and Lido show right after the city tour! It has been a very exhausting day for us (somemore we just touched down at Paris this morning, but we're lucky we didn't suffer from jet lag which would worsen the condition). Btw, just an explanation for readers as I received the same question from many of my friends and cousemates regarding the dress code we had in previous post as well as in here. Formal attire is required to attend the Lido show at night. Thus we have to wear formal whole day since we don't get the chance to go back to hotel for just a change! And the outcome of our dress code: "Your pics look like your pre-wedding photos!" Hahaha~

Marina de Paris dinner cruise and Lido showIt's DINNER cruise as I told ya
It's already 8pm but it still looks so sunny!!
Arghh... I can't take pic of Eiffel Tower night view

Louvre Pyramid - Da Vinci CodeOn the way to the dinner cruise
This is the Louvre Pyramid we saw in Da Vinci Code!

Marina de Paris dinner cruiseThere are lotsa cruises 'park' by the river
We've got Marina de Paris
One of the more luxurious cruise with covered and mirrored dining environment

Mirrored rooftop cruiseMirrored rooftop of the cruise
Customers are able to enjoy the dinner and the great view of the whole city

Couple at dinner cruiseNot forgetting to take pic when we passed by Eiffel Tower
Still, I prefer it in night view!! T T
This is not DINNER cruise to me at all *keep complaining, blablabla*

Dinner cruise on Seine RiverDinner cruise on Seine River
Along this river, we get to see some awesome buildings in Paris

Statue of Liberty and Eiffel Tower at Paris, FranceWhen Statue of Liberty meets Eiffel Tower

Marina de Paris dinner cruise 3 course meal + champagneOur 3-course dinner comes with champagne *romantic* 
Started with the appitizer

Dinner cruise @ Seine river, Paris 
- salmonOur main course: Salmon

Dinner cruise @ Seine river, Paris - dessertDessert

Dinner cruise on Seine river, ParisMy darling looks smart today with his suit *wink*
Look at the starry night background they made on the ceiling there
The effect would be perfect if it's DARK now! 

Dinner cruise Paris durationThe cruise goes round the Seine River and back to the point we aboard
Total ride is around 1.5 hour

Valentine at dinner cruise ParisThe happy couple had a great meal on the cruise
The blogger felt even happier when she got the compliment from local during the cruise
It was kinda embarassed at first when the lady spoke in French 
and I couldn't understand a word from her till I got translation from a British young lady

Lido show at Champs elysees, ParisAlright, now we're done with dinner
Let's head to our next destination: Lido Show!!
One of the show must not be missed when come to France
*Warning: The dancers are half naked!!!*

Lido show at Champs elysees, ParisLido show on Champs-elysees
That's our tour guide leading both of us here

Lido show at Champs elysees, Paris- Design of the HallI was so excited and nervous when I first stepped into the hall
It is so grand and big
Taking pics during the shows is not allowed
So I only managed to take a few pics
This is the one taken when we're heading to our seats

Lido show at Champs elysees, Paris- Inside the HallUs @ Lido Show, Paris
We are lucky to be seated at the front row =)
Also, we enjoyed the performance with glass of champagne FOC! ^^

Hall of Lido show at Champs elysees, ParisPics taken from other website
Anyway the hall looks huge and grand, isn't it?

Lido show at Champs elysees, Paris + champagneThey have lotsa costumes which keep changing every few minutes

Lido show at Champs elysees, Paris- Inside the HallLido show in Indian style
I first thought it's a real elephant!
It looks very real

Sexy dancers/man at Lido show at Champs elysees, ParisMale dancers at Lido show
They aren't that sexy anyway LOL!

Sexy dancer/ladies at Lido show at Champs elysees, ParisPhewphit~ Sexy huh?
FYI 90% of the show is topless!

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