Monday, February 25, 2013

So Long, Careen

A late update post about one of my bestie, Careen who went to Dunedin. We were suppose to go together but aiks, I have to stay in Malaysia. So this was the last meet up before she went off to NZ.

Careen's farewell-going off to Dunedin Otago
Me & Careen

Sunway pyramid RedBox Karaoke
Karaoke for the Trio
It's been so long since my last karaoke
As usual, we sang insanely

Sunway pyramid RedBox Karaoke
Look at Xiao Ying's expression

Fixing makeup in restroom
I've got fascinated by her makeup tools
 Some tools which I've no idea what are they for (makeup dummy- I gotta admit)
I'm totally a noob in make up
Seriously need a lot of practice from now on (to look pretty!) xD
Awesome makeup tools
Careen was conducting a brief makeup tutorial on eyebrow

Selca self capturing during karaoke
Selca of the day

Careen and Xiao Ying
Careen and XiaoYing
Went for dinner and chatted non-stop
Ended up Careen staying overnight at my place and 
had my first ever girl's pillow talk in my life =P
*Memorable moment*

Casley and Careen
Take care, my dear
*Miss you*

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